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Top 10 Royal Weddings Across the World

Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding

The most talked about Royal Weddings of all time! 10. Prince William and Kate Middleton Although it might not have even taken place yet, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is one which will be watched by millions across the globe. 9. Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones Despite the scandal that surrounded this wedding, Princess Margaret was truly glowing on her wedding day. Over 20 million people tuned in to watch the first […]


Top 10 Movies flops that are now considered classics

Top 10 Movie flops that are now considered classics

These movies may have bombed at the box office, but they’ve gone down in history as great films. 10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show This classic musical now has a dedicated fan base who dress up as the characters, attend sing-alongs and wear out their copies but when it was released, there was little interest. 9. It’s A Wonderful Life When it was released, film critics were not kind, most found it inoffensive enough but […]


Top 10 Miracles of Geology

The Wave (between Arizona and Utah – USA)

Being a geologist is a wonderful occupation… Share your love of geology with your colleagues, friends and family members… I hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautiful landscapes that nature gave us. 10. The Wave (between Arizona and Utah – USA) 9. Antelope Canyon (Arizona – USA) 8. Great Blue Hole (Belize) 7. Crystal Cave of the Giants (Mexico) 6. Eye of the Sahara (Mauritania) 5. Blue Lake Cave (Brazil) 4. Giants Causeway (Ireland) […]


Top 10 Famous Ships in the History

Top 10 Most Famous Ships in the History

So here is my list of the top ten most famous ships—both military and civilian—in history. 10.  The Santa Maria It is less than 70 feet long and by all accounts a slow and hideous vessel, some of the people deny the fame the tiny Spanish boat  achieved when she brought Christopher Columbus to the new world. 9. C.S.S. Hunley This was built by the Confederates in 1863 specifically to sink Union ships then barricading […]


Top 10 Sweetest Baby Animals/Pets


We all love cute animals, and more often or not animals are ten times cutter when they are young. Whether it’s your pet kitten or puppy, or something more exotic like a wild tiger cub, baby animals put a smile on the faces of millions of people across the world each and every day. Here we take a look at my top 10 cutest baby animals… 10. Wolves 9. Koala Bears 8. Tigers 7. Lions […]


Top 10 Marvelous Views of Mother Nature

Beautiful Water Fall

Nature photography should put the subject in the light and thus it should communicate. Therefore, the composition is essential for good results. That is very obvious that good fine art photography would require lots of practice but it is evident that following few techniques would help you to enhance and improve your skills. So, here are few tips for this kind of photography. It is important to look in the camera and ask few questions […]


Top 10 Unusual Houses That Stand upside Down

Upside-down house, Germany

Our world is a Topsy turvy place. We all know that. But some of us have gone a step ahead and actually converted our houses upside down. Bad with philosophy? Who needs all those high sounding thoughts when you can see it? So, here goes folks; ten houses that are upside down! 10. House of Spain, Kathmandu This house is a part of a theme park and attracts lots of tourists. Located in the Spanish Island […]


Top 10 Cool and Funny USBs

Fruity USBs

Have you ever bought such USB? No, So check these out these are some cool and funny USB/Memory Sticks, Traveling with data and data in such type of Sticks which really are not sticks So Find out yourself  USB is Memory Sticks or These? 10.  Fruity USBs 9.  Jeans USB 8.  Running Mouse USB 7.  Ash Tray + USB 6.  Thumb USB 5.  Doll USB 4.  Trimmer or Cleaner USB 3.  USB Toaster 2.  USB […]


Top 10 Creative and Artistic High Heels

Top 10 Awesome High Heels

Truly finding inspiration amongst his surroundings, designer Kobi Levi has created footwear with humor and an artistic twist. The Jerusalem-based designer graduated from the Academy of Art and Design in Bezalel, and views shoes as a blank canvas to create original art for your feet. His creations range from the absurd and suggestive to the weird and grotesque, here are 12 examples of the awesomeness. 10.Market Trolley 9.Tulip 8.Sport Elegant 7.Androgyne 6.Double Boots 5.Tongue 4.BJ […]


Top 10 Funniest Way Of Getting Out In Cricket


The game of cricket used to be played exclusively by white players in England and Australia long time back. Gradually it became popular in other countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and West Indies and so on. It has become very popular in these countries. Cricketers have today become stars and they earn in millions. The game has also undergone a lot of change. Earlier there used to be only one variant-test […]



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