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Top 10 Amazing Hairstyles for Summer 2013

With breezy waves at J. Mendel, unfussy braids at Balmain, and lower-than-low ponytails at Rochas, the spring runways were all about natural, undone hair. It was roughed up, not too perfect, and still crazy-pretty. Better yet, the styles are so simple that they won’t drive you crazy when you attempt them yourself. Here, our top ten looks for spring 2013. source SICILIAN TWISTS AT DOLCE & GABBANA TOUSLED, SIDE-SWEPT KNOTS AT MARNI NATURAL WAVES AT […]


Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Ever

Steve Urkel, "Family Matters"

When it comes to TV, it’s up to the writers to delineate between the heroes, the villains and everyone in between. But sometimes, regardless of writing, some characters just grate on your nerves. Whether it’s a poor performance, terrible acting, unforgiveable plot lines or just overstaying a welcome, some of TV’s most annoying characters are also some of TV’s most famous characters. If there’s someone on-screen that makes you squirm, you know that it’s time […]


Top 10 Best & Amazing Museums In The World

Top 10 Best & Amazing museums in the world

Undoubtedly, the museums are most popular tourist destinations in the world now. Now all the museums are best and amazing but today Top10Marvels is going to present the list of Top 10 best, unique, amazing and artistic museums in the world… 10. Tate Modern The public’s love affair with this phenomenally successful modern art gallery shows no sign of waning. Almost 5 million visitors make it the world’s most popular contemporary art gallery, and London’s most […]


Top 10 Most Beautiful, Stylish and Luxury Watches

Omega Seamaster "James Bond"

In current age, watch is a very important necessity of everybody. Its also become the symbol of status, different brands are available in market but some of them are doing fabulous job. There watches and popular from decades and even today. Top 10 Marvels is presenting the list of Top luxury and beautiful watches today. 10. Audemars Piguet T3 – The Terminator 09. IWC Big Pilot 08. Rolex Submariner Non-Date 07. Omega Seamaster “James Bond” […]


Top 10 Jewelry Brands & Designs In The World

Every woman love to wear stylish and beautiful jewelry. Gold or diamond jewelry is the weakness of every lady. There are different jewelry brands in the world but after research we found top 10 jewelry brands and designs in the world. Please have a look… 10. Mikimoto Mikimoto mostly known for the Miss Universe Crown. One of the famous jewelry brand. More Mikimoto jewelry designs 9. Bulgari Its a world class jewelry brand having its […]


Top 10 Most Popular Paintings In The World

From the Lake - Painted by Georgia O’Keefe

Painting is an art and many people from all over the world attracts toward the beautiful paintings from very famous artists. Some of below paintings were done hundreds of years ago, but still those are very famous and people still love them. If you are looking for most popular paintings please have a look… 10. From the Lake – By Georgia O’Keefe This beautiful and most popular painting in the world was done by Georgia […]


Top 10 Wonderful Sand Sculptures

Amazing Sand Sculptures

Artist can find so many ways to express their artistic skills. They can write on water, they can paint on mud, they can make amazing sculptures with sand. In our today’s list we will show you amazing sand sculptures. Here we go…                


Top 10 Very Interesting Statues/Sculptures

De Vaartkapoen – Brussels, Belgium

Statue don’t have clear definition but sometimes it reflects the historical events or the life of an influential person, some times it represents a sculpture of a single person, group of persons, animals, event or sometimes symbols, and in some cases it intended as public art, exhibited outdoors or in public buildings for the edification of passers-by, with a larger magnitude than normal words could ever have for the common man. 10. Le Pounce (Thumb […]


Top 10 Amazing Tree House

House is most important and essential part of life. Every one want his home beautiful, peaceful and artistic. Today Top 10 Marvel is presenting the list of most amazing tree houses. Here we go… 10. Island Wood Bogwon Tree house 09. Beach Rock Tree house 08. Yellow Tree house 07. Tree house Restaurant 06. Teahouse Tree house 05. Peter Lewis’s Tree house 04. Spider’s Leg Tree house 03. 97-Foot Tree house 02. Crystal River Tree […]


Top 10 Creative Optical Illusions

Creative Optical Illusion

Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo was born in Guanajuato, Mexico on February 28, 1943. His art is incredible in its imaginative detail. He uses primarily a metamorphic style – a technique of superimposing and juxtaposing realistic and figurative details within the images that he creates. Each piece tells its own special story. Viewers need to look long and hard at Octavio’s paintings. 10. 09. 08. 07. 06. 05. 04. 03. 02. 01.



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