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Top 10 Most Beautiful & Extraordinary Swimming Pools In The World

San Alfonso del Mar Algarrobo - Chile - Beautifull View

Today Top 10 Marvels presenting the list of Top Beautiful and extraordinary pools. With respect to size, design or location the listed pools are amazing. If you are interested in swimming then be careful, some of them look really dangerous for beginners. Please enjoy the list… 10. The Pimalai Resort swimming pool – Koh Lanta, Thailand. When you will see this beautiful pool in Koh Lanta, it will look like some kind of a temple […]


Top 10 Jewelry Brands & Designs In The World

Every woman love to wear stylish and beautiful jewelry. Gold or diamond jewelry is the weakness of every lady. There are different jewelry brands in the world but after research we found top 10 jewelry brands and designs in the world. Please have a look… 10. Mikimoto Mikimoto mostly known for the Miss Universe Crown. One of the famous jewelry brand. More Mikimoto jewelry designs 9. Bulgari Its a world class jewelry brand having its […]


Top 10 Amazing Fountains In The World

Every one like beautiful, stunning, colorful and amazing fountains. The fountains makes the environment very romantic and happy. People like to go on fountains with their love ones. Couples can enjoy romantic walk around the fountains. Today Top 10 Marvels is presenting list of Top 10 Amazing Fountains in the world. 10. 71 Fountain, Ohio, United States This beautiful fountain is located on the highway 71 in Ohio in the UNited States of America. 9. […]


Top 10 Biggest Sports Stadiums In The World

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Most of the biggest stadiums are used for football. Many stadiums have a running track around the perimeter of the pitch allowing them to be used for track and field events. Top 10 Marvels presents list of biggest sports stadiums on the basis of their seating capacity. 10. Melbourne Cricket Ground (capacity – 100,000) This is the oldest stadiums of given list,  it was built in 1853 and very first game of cricket played on 30 September 1854. 09. National […]


Top 10 Amazing Clocks in the World

Moscow State University Clock In Moscow, Russia

Clock is the one of oldest invention of human but now it becomes an essential part of our life. There are different type of clocks in the world, water clock, candle clock, electric clock, digital clock etc. Its not only a useful device but its also becomes the symbol of city/location like Big Ben. Lets have a look list of top amazing, beautiful, stylish and biggest clocks in the world. 10. Allen-Bradley Clock Tower Allen […]


Top 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Hussaini Hanging Bridge - Pakistan

I love bridges, that is why after Top 10 Bridges of the World i decided to find some other bridges. After great research i decided to present the list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World so here we go… 10. Bryce Canyon’s Natural Bridge – Utah, US This is a natural bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park. Its name is Bryce Canyon because a slight uproar in the geology circles, the natural-made […]


Top 10 Lookalike Mother-Daughter Celebrities


10. Kris Jenner and Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian Not only do these four all look similar, but we all know they all act the same way too thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 9. Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson They have the the same hair, smile and bubbly personality. They’ve both also Golden Globe winners, have a thing for musicians (Kate Hudson’s dad is a musician too), and have two kids. 8. Beyoncé Knowles […]


Top 10 Interesting facts about Titanic

Titanic - Interesting Facts

10 . There were no cats on the Titanic. Cats were often brought on ships as a form of good luck. They also controlled rodents. 09 . The Titanic was about as long as the Empire State building is tall. 08. Two dogs were among the Titanic survivors. 07. The Titanic carried 900 tons of baggage and freight. 06. There were 13 couples on board celebrating their Honeymoons. 05. The Titanic used 14,000 gallons of […]


Top 10 Tallest Waterfalls In The World

Tres Hermanas,-Cataratas las Falls

Before this show you the list to top 10 best waterfalls in the world. Today we are going to share top 10 longest waterfalls of the world. Here we go… 10. Browner Falls – 2,744 feet, New Zealand 9. James Bruce Waterfalls – 2,755 feet, Canada 8. Pu’uka’oku Waterfalls – 2,756 feet, USA 7. Baläifossen Waterfall – 2,788 feet, Norway 6. Vinnufossen Waterfall – 2,822 feet, Norway 5. Yumbilla, Catarata – 2,938 feet, Peru […]


Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings In The History

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

The wedding is most beautiful and memorable events of one’s life. Every one want to make it more and more memorable and full of joy. Today the Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married, so we decided to make a list for top 1o most expensive weddings. So here we go… 10. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes There is tie on 10th position between two marriages. One is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Bill […]



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