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Top 10 Marvelous Unique Watches

Top 10 Marvelous Unique Watches

In current Age, latest trends and stylish look of everything is an important thing. People like to wear stylish and unique watches. They want traditional and antique watches at their home. Top10Marvels is sharing the list of top 10 and most amazing and unique watches. Please have a look… 10. Relativity Watch Modeled on Einstein’s theory of relativity, this Relativity Watch actually makes the numbers move instead of the hands. This, of course, makes you […]


Top 10 Unique Building Structures In The World

top 10 unique building structures

Construction and architecture have risen to a new level altogether with fantastic minds working vigorously towards building a world with superb and amazing structures that were a far cry from even imagining forget seeing them for real. Lets have a look list of top 10 unique building structures in the world… 10. Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands The city of Rotterdam asked him to design housing on top of a pedestrian bridge and he decided to […]


Top 10 Hottest Places In The World

Greenland Ranch, Death Valley - United States (134.0 F)

In our world you will find so much variety. Some places are so cool and some are too hot. Today Top 10 Marvels is going to present the list of top 10 hottest places in the world. Here we go… 10. Wadi Halfa – Sudan (127.0 F) 9. Agha Jari – Iran (128.0 F) 8. Ahwaz – Iran (128.3 F) 7. Tirat Tavi – Israel (129.0 F) 6. Araouane – Mali (130.0 F) 5. Timbouctou […]


Top 10 most Difficult Roads in the World

The Way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan - World's Most Difficult Road

There are so many dangerous roads in the world, but we had find out top 10 most dangerous roads in the world. From so many dangerous roads we had selected those top 10 dangerous road which are really dangerous on the basis of their condition, location, height, weather and area perspective. Given below is the list of world’s most deadly, dangerous and scary roads. Please have a look… 10. Stelvio Pass Road, Italy The Stelvio […]


Top 10 Mysteries In The History Of The World

Crystal Skulls, Southern Mexico and Central America

Human always try to find the facts/reasons behind the mysteries, but some times some mysteries never open in front of people and become a mystery ever. Top 10 Marvels always come with natural, amazing, beautiful, stylish,  unique, stunning and latest lists. Today we are going to share top 10 list of mysteries with you. 10. Jack the Ripper, London, England Retrace the steps of the world’s most notorious serial killer. More than a century after […]


Top10 Weird Logos


10. ZIP The three letters of the Zip logo are blended together to form an almost solid shape. The centre graphic which represents the real life object also holds together the logo by breaking up the block allowing the letter I to be seen as well as allowing the Z and P to become legible. 9. Upside Down The clever execution of the Upside Down logo maintains legibility by manipulating select letters to represent the […]



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