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Top 10 American Landmarks

Statue of Liberty – New York City

USA is ruling all over the world due to its strong economy and being super power. People want to go there for business prospective but America has also beautiful places/landmarks to visit as well. 10. Hoover Dam – Colorado River, Arizona/Nevada State Line The idea of 4.36 million cubic yards of concrete alone doesn’t sound like much of a landmark. 09. USS Arizona Memorial – Honolulu, Hawaii The USS Arizona Memorial, located at Pearl Harbor […]


Top 10 Amazing Natural Rock Formations

Mushroom Rock - Egypt

10. Ayers Rock – Australia This is a big sand stone formation of Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, its height is 1,142 feet from the desert. Its an iconic monolith of Australia. 09. Melting Shadows – Utah, USA This rock formations extends 130,000-square-mile Colorado Plateau; it’s nothing in the world but rocks and holes, hills and hollows. 08. The Pinnacles – Australia Pinnacles is beautiful limestone formation located at Namburg National Park in Western […]


Top 10 Miracles of Geology

The Wave (between Arizona and Utah – USA)

Being a geologist is a wonderful occupation… Share your love of geology with your colleagues, friends and family members… I hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautiful landscapes that nature gave us. 10. The Wave (between Arizona and Utah – USA) 9. Antelope Canyon (Arizona – USA) 8. Great Blue Hole (Belize) 7. Crystal Cave of the Giants (Mexico) 6. Eye of the Sahara (Mauritania) 5. Blue Lake Cave (Brazil) 4. Giants Causeway (Ireland) […]


Top 10 Famous Ships in the History

Top 10 Most Famous Ships in the History

So here is my list of the top ten most famous ships—both military and civilian—in history. 10.  The Santa Maria It is less than 70 feet long and by all accounts a slow and hideous vessel, some of the people deny the fame the tiny Spanish boat  achieved when she brought Christopher Columbus to the new world. 9. C.S.S. Hunley This was built by the Confederates in 1863 specifically to sink Union ships then barricading […]


Top 10 Bridges of the World - London Bridge - Lake Havasu, Arizona has collected the list of top 10 bridges of the world with its research team to bring you some of the most amazing bridges ever built. Take a tour through our countdown of ancient spans, iconic structures and bridges with unique and interesting features. 10. London Bridge – Lake Havasu, Arizona This is the bridge that made the song “London Bridge is Falling Down” popular. Built in the 1820s over the River Thames, London […]


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