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Top 10 Winning Countries in the 2012 Olympic Games

People’s Republic of China

Another amazing year of the Olympics has passed. It’s the only time when the world sets aside their differences to gather in one location, bringing their top athletes to compete and hopefully, take home the gold. The Summer Olympics includes 26 sports with nearly 300 events. So who dominated in overall medal counts? Let’s take a look. Top Winning Countries #10 Italy (Gold medals: 8/Total medal count: 28) Placing eighth in the gold medal totals, […]


Top 10 Amazing Fountains In The World

Every one like beautiful, stunning, colorful and amazing fountains. The fountains makes the environment very romantic and happy. People like to go on fountains with their love ones. Couples can enjoy romantic walk around the fountains. Today Top 10 Marvels is presenting list of Top 10 Amazing Fountains in the world. 10. 71 Fountain, Ohio, United States This beautiful fountain is located on the highway 71 in Ohio in the UNited States of America. 9. […]


Top 10 Amazing Natural Rock Formations

Mushroom Rock - Egypt

10. Ayers Rock – Australia This is a big sand stone formation of Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, its height is 1,142 feet from the desert. Its an iconic monolith of Australia. 09. Melting Shadows – Utah, USA This rock formations extends 130,000-square-mile Colorado Plateau; it’s nothing in the world but rocks and holes, hills and hollows. 08. The Pinnacles – Australia Pinnacles is beautiful limestone formation located at Namburg National Park in Western […]


Top 10 Educated Countries of the World

Top 10 Educated Countires of the World -

Education can change luck of any country, that is why education is becoming increasingly international. In worlds most educated countries the education is free for every person. Without education, no country can grow. Here is the list of top 10 most educated countries. 10. Korea south: Its compulsory in Korea to take education from one to thirteen year. The common subjects that students can take are mathematics, social studies, English, science,  fine arts and music. […]


Top 10 Miracles of Geology

The Wave (between Arizona and Utah – USA)

Being a geologist is a wonderful occupation… Share your love of geology with your colleagues, friends and family members… I hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautiful landscapes that nature gave us. 10. The Wave (between Arizona and Utah – USA) 9. Antelope Canyon (Arizona – USA) 8. Great Blue Hole (Belize) 7. Crystal Cave of the Giants (Mexico) 6. Eye of the Sahara (Mauritania) 5. Blue Lake Cave (Brazil) 4. Giants Causeway (Ireland) […]


Top 10 Bridges of the World - London Bridge - Lake Havasu, Arizona has collected the list of top 10 bridges of the world with its research team to bring you some of the most amazing bridges ever built. Take a tour through our countdown of ancient spans, iconic structures and bridges with unique and interesting features. 10. London Bridge – Lake Havasu, Arizona This is the bridge that made the song “London Bridge is Falling Down” popular. Built in the 1820s over the River Thames, London […]


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