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Top 10 Movies flops that are now considered classics

Top 10 Movie flops that are now considered classics

These movies may have bombed at the box office, but they’ve gone down in history as great films. 10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show This classic musical now has a dedicated fan base who dress up as the characters, attend sing-alongs and wear out their copies but when it was released, there was little interest. 9. It’s A Wonderful Life When it was released, film critics were not kind, most found it inoffensive enough but […]


Top 10 Bollywood Actresses of all Time

Katrina Kaif

The Indian Film Industry has been very lucky as beautiful girls from the subcontinent have blessed the industry over the decades. Mentioned below are the top actresses of the trade which ever made it to our screen. Madhu Bala The sultry beauty has left a mark on the film world that shall never fade in minds of people in years of come. The actress is regarded as one of the finest of all times, she […]


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