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Top 10 Unique and Amazing Rings In the World

Most Amazing Rings

“It’s my mother’s engagement ring so I thought it was quite nice because obviously she’s not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all – this was my way of keeping her close to it all. ” Prince William “That’s the great thing about a tractor. You can’t really hear the phone ring. ” Jeff Foxworthy There are many quotes about rings, because it is the sign of […]


Top 10 Best Gift Ideas on Valentine’s Day In 2012

Valentine Day Gift ideas In 2012

Thinking about the best Valentine Gift Ideas for your girlfriend or Wife? Choose any of his favorite gift from our given ideas and make his/her day special.¬† So, on this Valentine’s Day, give way to your feelings with some romantic valentine day ideas and make this Valentines the most memorable day for both of you. 10. Watches Dress watches with matching bands can be a great option for you for this valentine gift. 9. Sweaters/Jackets […]


Top 10 Amazing Songs on Peace Day

International Peace Day

On 21st September the Peace day is calling us to love and live with peace. Music or songs can also play an important role to motivate to spread it among our brothers and sisters especially within the walls of our home. We become emotional and can feel the importance of peace with beautiful peace day songs. Following are some beautiful songs on Peace Day… 10. Home by Edward Shape & the Magnetic Zeros 9. Heard […]


Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2011

Father's Day 2011 - 19th June

Fathers play a vital role in children’s life. Father is a great blessing of God. Father is the person,who works¬† day and night to meet the wishes of his kids, he tries to give his them best education, food and all necessities they need. He kills his own dreams for his children. Father’s day is the day when children can return a minor part of his love and care and can show their love for […]


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