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Top 10 Educated Countries of the World

Top 10 Educated Countires of the World -

Education can change luck of any country, that is why education is becoming increasingly international. In worlds most educated countries the education is free for every person. Without education, no country can grow. Here is the list of top 10 most educated countries. 10. Korea south: Its compulsory in Korea to take education from one to thirteen year. The common subjects that students can take are mathematics, social studies, English, science,  fine arts and music. […]


Top 10 Stanley Cup Playoff Interesting Moments

Top 10 Stanley Cup Playoff Moments

10. The Goal The 1970 Cup Final was an uneventful series, as the favoured Boston Bruins breezed past the St. Louis Blues in the first three games before completing the sweep in a more competitive game four. 9. The Fog and the Bat Game Not every hockey game is remembered for the hockey—game three of the 1975 Cup Final between the Philadelphia Flyers and Buffalo Sabres is famous for the oddities that occurred during play. […]


Top 10 Best Waterfalls of the World

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario, Canada/New York, USA

Nonetheless based on popular demand, we’ve finally come up with our own list of the favorites that we’ve personally visited. This is by no means a permanent list and it’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls from around the world. So without further adieu, here they are in reverse order… 10. SUTHERLAND FALLS, Fiordland, New Zealand In a country that holds a special place in our hearts, this gorgeous 580m waterfall […]


Top 10 Amazing Facts About Snow

The Largest Snow Sculpture

Did you know that each winter one septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) of snow crystals drop from the sky and that it takes about a million little droplets to make one snowflake? As common as it might seem at first glance, snow is actually a very complex type of precipitation. If you are wondering which is the world’s largest snowflake or what is the record for the greatest snowfall in the United States, you have landed on right […]


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