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Top 10 Winning Countries in the 2012 Olympic Games

People’s Republic of China

Another amazing year of the Olympics has passed. It’s the only time when the world sets aside their differences to gather in one location, bringing their top athletes to compete and hopefully, take home the gold. The Summer Olympics includes 26 sports with nearly 300 events. So who dominated in overall medal counts? Let’s take a look. Top Winning Countries #10 Italy (Gold medals: 8/Total medal count: 28) Placing eighth in the gold medal totals, […]


Top 10 Beautiful Animals In The World

There are so many kinds of animals in the world. Some of them live on land, some in water and some on both mediums. Animals make our earth more beautiful. Due to pollution and other disasters animals life is in danger, we all should try our best to save their lives. Today Top10Marvels is coming with list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World.


Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Ever

Steve Urkel, "Family Matters"

When it comes to TV, it’s up to the writers to delineate between the heroes, the villains and everyone in between. But sometimes, regardless of writing, some characters just grate on your nerves. Whether it’s a poor performance, terrible acting, unforgiveable plot lines or just overstaying a welcome, some of TV’s most annoying characters are also some of TV’s most famous characters. If there’s someone on-screen that makes you squirm, you know that it’s time […]


Top 10 Most Funny/Hilarious/Wackiest/Odd and Crazy Beards

Top 10 Most Funny, Hilarious, Wackiest, Odd and Crazy Beards

Top 10 Marvels always come with something different unique and funny. In some countries people like to have beard for honor and respect, in some religions its holy thing like in Islam, but some people have beard just of style and look different from others, we collected data about this kind of people and Today Top10Marvels is going to present Top 10 Most Funny, Hilarious, Wackiest, Odd and Crazy Beards           […]


Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas in 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas 2011

Christmas is coming again, thats the time of happiness, holidays, enjoyment and love. Thats a special time which force people to go into shops and do shopping for them and their love ones. There are so much Christmas gift at shops that can make some one confuse. That is why to help you we are here with top 10 best Christmas gift ideas for 2011. Here we go… 10. Some cloth, Jewelry, shoes or Wallet/bag […]


Top 10 Amazing, Unique Cloud Formations

Top 10 Amazing Fascinating Cloud Formations

The sky without clouds seems like garden without flowers. Its looks so bore with out clouds. Clouds can generally be classified by appearance – nimbus (rain), stratus (layer), cumulus (heap), cirrus (curl), – or by height of cloud base – low level, mid level, high level clouds and clouds with vertical development. Today Top 10 Marvels is going to present the list of amazing, unique, fantastic and marvelous cloud formations… 10. The Kelvin-Helmholtz Wave Cloud […]


Top 10 World Records of Guinness Book in 2011-2012

Guinness World Records 2011-2012

The Guinness world records are the most thrilling, exiting, best, craziest and toughest competition in which different people take part and the selection is based on very distinct way, something very unique and not similar to any other person. Any one can come in this list, either a kid, animal, group, family, building or anything else. Today Top 10 Marvels selected the list of top 10 world records of Guinness book in 2011-2012. 10. Fastest […]


Top 10 Most Amazing Rooftops

Top 10 Amazing Toproof

Roof is important part of any building and we can utilize it in different manners, today Top10Marvels is going to share the list of Top 10 Amazing Roof Tops, those will make you surprise. Please have a look the list of Top 10 Most Amazing Rooftops… Rooftop Farm – Chicago Rooftop Garden – Singapore Rooftop Cinema – Australia Rooftop Office –Austria Rooftop Playground –Denmark Rooftop Pool – Singapore Rooftop Bar – Thailand \ Rooftop Tennis […]


Top 10 Amazing, Stylish & Unique Birdhouses/Nests

Top 10 Amazing Birdhouses

We all love birds and nature, beautiful, stylish and cool birdhouses can beautify our garden/home. Today top10marvels selected the list of top 10 amazing, stylish and unique birdhouses. Have a look please… The bird house has been designed with change-able entrance holes in four different sizes to match different sized birds. Ceramic Cupcake Birdhouse is for the sweet birds. The cup topped with mounds of vanilla chocolate and strawberry looks so yummy. This type of […]


Top 10 Amazing, Stylish and Unique Lamps

Top 10 Lists

Now, lamps are not only the source of light but a decoration piece. People want to use more stylish and eye-caching lamps who make their garden, pool, bedrooms or study looks great. Today Top 10 Marvels decide to share a list of top 10 most amazing, cool, stylish and unique lamps. Please have a look… Moon Rock Lamps Nymph Lamp Ostrich Lamp Rocknrolla Lamp Sneaker Lamp Twist Together Lamp Book Rest Lamp Fire Lamp Martini […]



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