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Top 10 Best Waterfalls of the World

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario, Canada/New York, USA

Nonetheless based on popular demand, we’ve finally come up with our own list of the favorites that we’ve personally visited. This is by no means a permanent list and it’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls from around the world. So without further adieu, here they are in reverse order… 10. SUTHERLAND FALLS, Fiordland, New Zealand In a country that holds a special place in our hearts, this gorgeous 580m waterfall […]


Top 10 Worst Military Leaders in History 10 Worst Military Leaders in History - Rank 1. Adolf Hitler, Germany

In war, there are winners and losers. Sometimes an army is defeated because they faced a larger and more powerful foe. Other times they lose because of some bizarre set of circumstances no one could have foreseen, or because they were simply outwitted by a cunning adversary. Sometimes an army is even dealt a defeat because of bad weather (as happened to the Mongol fleet of Kublai Khan in 1281 AD, which was destroyed by […]



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