Have you ever bought such USB? No, So check these out these are some cool and funny USB/Memory Sticks, Traveling with data and data in such type of Sticks which really are not sticks :) So Find out yourself  USB is Memory Sticks or These?

10.  Fruity USBs

Fruity USBs

9.  Jeans USB

Jeans USB

8.  Running Mouse USB

Running Mouse

7.  Ash Tray + USB

Ash Tray + USB

6.  Thumb USB

Thumb USB

5.  Doll USB

Doll USB

4.  Trimmer or Cleaner USB

Trimmer or Cleaner USB

3.  USB Toaster

USB Toaster

2.  USB Aquarium

USB Aquarium

1.  Bear USB

Bear USB

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