Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Ever

When it comes to TV, it’s up to the writers to delineate between the heroes, the villains and everyone in between. But sometimes, regardless of writing, some characters just grate on your nerves. Whether it’s a poor performance, terrible acting, unforgiveable plot lines or just overstaying a welcome, some of TV’s most annoying characters are also some of TV’s most famous characters. If there’s someone on-screen that makes you squirm, you know that it’s time to change the challenge – or at least wish the writers would kill him off.

10. Horatio Caine, “CSI: Miami”

Horatio Caine

There’s a reason that Horatio has become an Internet joke. His apparent inability to deliver any type of news without

slipping on his famed glasses everywhere can get on your nerves after the first five minute. What’s more, he only talks in tired cop clichés that have been there, done that for years. Now that “CSI: Miami” has been canceled, I’m guessing that Horatio’s next stop is the unemployment line.

9.  Janice, “Friends”

Janice, "Friends"

From her annoying voice to her crazy jarring laughter, no one really knows why Chandler stuck with Janice for so long. Of course, she managed to turn the art of annoyance into a recurring role, ruining relationships and even being in the room when Rachel and Ross had baby Emma.

8.  Mrs. Bates, “Downton Abbey”

Mrs. Bates, "Downton Abbey"

During the first and second seasons of “Downton,” Mrs. Bates, the evil wife of adorable Mr. Bates, was one of the most villainous characters in TV history. Not only does she refuse a divorce from her lovelorn hubby, but her last act of defiance is to kill herself and frame Bates as the murderer. It got to the point that the mere appearance or mention of Mrs. Bates made you want to fast-forward your TiVo.

7.  Christina Aguilera, “The Voice”

Christina Aguilera, "The Voice"

While Christina Aguilera isn’t a character per se, you have to admit she’s got one heck of a persona on the show. With her insane outfits, crazy accessories, constant scowl and lack of pants, you get annoyed with her after the first five minutes. Luckily, Adam, Blake and Cee-Lo are all there to balance out her persistent crankiness to save the show.

6.  Whitney, “Whitney”

Whitney, "Whitney"

You’d think that the headlining character on a show would be given the star treatment in order to ensure that she was likable, but that’s simply not the case with Whitney. The main character comes off as loud, self-absorbed and stiff, thanks to Whitney Cummings’ lack of acting experience. While her sweet boyfriend-figure tries to save each scene, I highly doubt audiences will be able to take much more of the annoying title character.

5.  Alexis Bellino, “The Real Housewives of O.C.”

Alexis Bellino, "The Real Housewives of O.C."

It’s probably telling that I had to use Google to remind myself of the name of one of the most annoying Housewives of all time. Alexis Bellino might be the least self aware person to ever walk the Earth. Completely clueless as to how much the other wives dislike her, she spouts long tirades about jealousy, religion and her family, never really making sense. And her foray into TV hosting? Worst. Episode. Ever.

4.  Fran Fine, “The Nanny”

Fran Fine, "The Nanny"

Yup, it’s another laugh butcher! Like Janice from “Friends,” Fran’s laugh could make you change the channel in about three seconds flat. Add that to her terrible Jersey hair, shopaholic ways and the fact that she still gets the guy in the end? Yup, that qualifies as annoying.

3.  The Situation, “Jersey Shore”

The Situation, "Jersey Shore"

I dare you to watch 10 minutes of “Jersey Shore” and not suddenly find yourself wishing that Mike Sorrentino is completely sterile. Because heaven forbid the world be covered with tiny loud-mouthed, fist-pumping, hot tub-ruining Situations. If anything, Mike is a testament to the perils of public education. He’s smarmy, loud and dumb as a box of rocks. Sorry, box of rocks. I didn’t mean to offend you like that.

2.  Will Schuester, “Glee”

Will Schuester, "Glee"

Glee-lovers, don’t shoot me! Will Shuester just barely made this list due to his empty compliments and constant life lessons. Dude, we get it: You’re inspirational. But would it kill you to have a normal conversation every now and again?

1.  Steve Urkel, “Family Matters”

Steve Urkel, "Family Matters"

I get that Steve Urkel’s whole shtick was that he was the annoying guy that wouldn’t go away, but after about five minutes, that funny bit starts to get less funny-annoying and more annoying-annoying. Plus, the way that he says “cheese” haunts my dreams at night.

It’s hard to decipher whether annoying characters on TV are portrayed that way, or they’re just as dislikable as they seem. All I know is that they’re the people that I love to hate… is that good or bad?

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