I love bridges, that is why after Top 10 Bridges of the World i decided to find some other bridges. After great research i decided to present the list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World so here we go…

10. Bryce Canyon’s Natural Bridge – Utah, US

top 10 list - Bryce Canyon's Natural Bridge - Utah, US

This is a natural bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park. Its name is Bryce Canyon because a slight uproar in the geology circles, the natural-made structure looks like a bridge, it is in fact an arch.

09. The Immortal Bridge – China

top 10 list - The Immortal Bridge - ChinaTop 10 Marvels, The-Immortal-Bridge, China

In the Shandon Province of China the Mount Tai has religious and cultural significance. Its is one of five sacred mountains in Chaina. There is a Bridge in mountains called The Immortal Bridge, this is made up of three huge rocks and some small rocks. Under this bridge there is a valley.

08. The Old Bridge of Konitsa – Greece

top 10 list, The Old Bridge of Konitsa - Greece

This is thousands years old bridge located in Greece spans the river Aoos. See carefully, there is a small bell under the top of the bridge. According to people when the bell sound, then its very dangerous to cross the bridge.

07. The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge – Ireland

top 10 list, The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge - IrelandThe Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge - Ireland

This is rope suspended bridge near Ballintoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. This bridge links the tiny Carrick Island with mainland. The bridge attracts tourists. When weather is windy its very dangerous experience to pass the bridge.

06. Pulau Langkawi’s Suspended Bridge – Malaysia

Pulau Langkawi's Suspended Bridge - MalaysiaPulau Langkawi's Suspended Bridge - Malaysia

This bridge spans around the gorge on Pulau Langkawi(a largest island in the Langkawi archipelago), Malaysia. The Pulau Langkawi suspended at 687 m above sea level. The view from the bridge is really sizzling. This unique bridge is suspended by only one column support. This 95-yard column is held up by 8 load-balancing cables. The bridge is 136 yards long and 2 yards wide.

05. Puente de Ojuela – Mexico

Puente de Ojuela - MexicoPuente de Ojuela - Mexico

This bridge is located northwest of the city of Durango, in northern Mexico. The local name of the bridge is “Puente de Ojuela” (Ojuela Bridge). The bridge was originally designed by the famous Roebling brothers, they also designed the Brooklyn Bridge. When it was constructed, this was was the third longest suspension bridge in the world. Then It was rebuilt recently by the Peñoles Company, the original was scrapped and only the main arches are now displayed at the Torreón Exposition Center.

04. Royal Gorge Bridge – Colorad

Royal Gorge Bridge - Colorad

The Royal Gorge Bridge is located near Cañon City, Colorado, within a 360-acre theme park. The bridge deck hangs 291 meter above the Arkansas River, its was ranked highest bridge in the world from 1929 – 2003, when it was surpassed by the Beipanjiang River 2003 Bridge in China. It is a suspension bridge with a main span of 286 meters. The bridge is 384 meters long and 5.5 meter wide, with a wooden walkway with 1292 planks.

03. Vitim River Bridge – Siberia

Vitim River Bridge - Siberia

The Vitim River Bridge is located in Siberia, Russia. The bridge is made of wood and not in a very good condition. It’s 570 meter (1870 feet) long. This region gets brutally cold most of the year with temperatures way below Northern Ontario and everything covered in snow and ice.

02. Inca Rope Bridge – Inca Empire, Peru

Inca Rope Bridge - Inca Empire, PeruInca Rope Bridge - Inca Empire, Peru

This is a simple suspension bridge over canyons and gorges to give access from Incha Empire. This bridge is suitable only for pedestrians. That was frequently used by Chasqui runners delivering messages throughout the Inca Empire.

This Incha bridge is made up of fibers. By local vegetation, they got these fibers and then fibers were woven together to make a strong rope and then reinforced with wood to make a cable floor. Each side was then attached to a pair of stone anchors on each side of the canyon with massive cables of woven grass linking these two pylons together, with this two additional cables acted as guardrails.

01. Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge - PakistanHussaini Hanging Bridge - Pakistan

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge is also know as most dangerous bridge in the world. This is the only one of many precarious rope bridges in Northern Pakistan. Before 1978, this was only way to travel by walking across mountain passes to Rawalpindi. In 1978 Karakoram Highway connected the region, but inter region traveling is still possible via this bridge.

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge, crossing Borit Lake in the Upper Hunza. This rope bridge is very long and very poorly in condition. Many planks are missing, and strong winds shake the bridge like a swing. Despite its dangerous looks, however, the Hussaini is a relatively safe bridge, the visitors with hikers testing their nerves as they carefully work their way across.

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