Celebrities feel proud on them with their fabulous, furry and scaly animal friends and by doing so they practically set a trend of what pets we should have. And celebrity pets become famous with their owners as well. Here is the list of top 10 most famous celebrity pets.

10. Peaches – Hugh Jackman’s not so ferocious pooch

9. Jinxy – Eva Longoria’s Maltese

8. Bit Bit – another socialite Chihuahua belonging to Britney Spears

7. Rocky – Kim Kardashian’s boxer

6. Socks – Bill Clinton’s cat

5. Rocky – Kelly Brook’s pug

4. Tinkerbell – the Chihuahua jewel of Paris Hilton

3. Bubbles – Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee

2. Bo – The Portuguese water dog of Obama family

Bo – The Portuguese water dog of Obama family

1. Minnie  – Sharon Osbourne’s cute Pomeranian

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