Web is now very strong media, that has ability to make some one very popular. According to google results we had prepared the list of top 10 most popular women on the web in 2011. Here we go…

10. Madonna – 230,000,000 Results


The Queen of Pop has been replaced, thus taking a somewhat large fall in popularity this year. Additionally, Madonna has not made the news for anything particularly interesting this year.

09. Kim Kardashian – 232,000,000 Results

Kim Kardashian

Let’s be honest, you first heard of Kim Kardashian when you saw her boning Ray Jay (that was a first you heard of him, too). Since then, she has moved on to make a name for herself with numerous reality shows that do not show her butt-naked. Also, she just married Kris Humphries.

08. Shakira – 239,000,000 Results


Shakira is still popular on web. Yes, she’s been on tour for the past year to promote her past two albums but the real reason she probably remains so popular is her butt. That, and she has the highest grossing single “Hips Don’t Lie” ever. In the world. It’s really her butt though.

07. Katy Perry – 263,000,000 Results

Katy Perry

Katy Perry exploded like a firework this year. With the release of her album Teenage Dream last year, her singles have been on the radio non-stop. Additionally, her marriage to Russell Brand and an upcoming voice role in the Smurfs movie have cemented her in a top-10 most popular girl.

06. Britney Spears – 277,000,000 Results

Britney Spears

This year Britney released a new album for the first time in 10 years. Apparently, crazy Britney is here to stay because she was also #6 last year and she didn’t do diddly squat.

05. Nicki Minaj – 296,000,000 Results

Nicki Minaj

04. Cher – 340,000,000 Results


03. Rihanna – 384,000,000 Results


02. Justin Bieber – 496,000,000 Results

Justin Bieber

01. Lady Gaga – 530,000,000 Results

Lady Gaga