As we all know that almost the whole world is suffering from Coronavirus. It was started in China and now most affected countries are Iran, Italy, and Spain. It is mainly spreading from person-to-person. Coronavirus spreads when an ill person sneezes or coughs through the respiratory system. Although it is not a cruel disease however care is better than cure because it can be severe for many people.

As currently not a proper vaccine has made to stop this disease but there are some easy ways to prevent from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Frequently wash your hands:

By washing regularly your hands with proper soap and hand wash, you can prevent this illness because it kills the viruses which can be on your hands. The average time of washing your hand is 20 seconds whenever you come back from any public place.

Usage of hand sanitizer:

It is really important to use hand sanitizer after washing the hands to keep it free from coronavirus. Apply sanitizer on both hands and rub it together until it becomes dry on both hands.

Don’t touch mouth, nose, and eyes:

Our face skin is quite sensitive that’s why it has more chances to have coronavirus by touching mouth, nose, and eyes. In case your hands aren’t washed, please try to avoid touching your face because the virus can easily make you ill. 

Avoid social gatherings:

Try to maintain distance from everyone especially from the people who are sick. You can keep 1 meter or 3 feet distance from other people. As mentioned above, it is spreading through the respiratory system and you breathe around an ill person, it will make you ill too.

Stay home:

If you are sick or not, stay at home as much as possible because if one person gets sick at home the whole family will have to suffer.

Properly Cover your face:

Coronavirus can be avoided if a person properly covered his face with mask especially his nose and mouth. Respiratory hygiene is the major prevent to avoid COVID-19.

Avoid sharing:

Sharing is caring but here it is not. Don’t share your mask, tissue papers, towels and soaps with anyone not even with your family. Whenever you use masks or tissue paper trashed it immediately.

Change your Mask:

Change your mask daily. If you don’t have enough masks or there is a shortage in the market, make your mask to avoid from COVID-19.

Keep Clean:

Don’t only avoid but also try to clean your surroundings to make it clean for everyone. Wash surfaces with detergent to kill the virus. As well as clean your door handles, tables, phones, desk, toilets and all other things which you use or touch frequently.

Stay Updated:

It is really important to stay updated from COVID-19. People can take information from national and global news channels, websites and internet but try to follow only authentic resources because fake news can easily be spread through internet which only creates panic in public although you can prevent from COVID-19 by mentioned above ways.

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