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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

The following are the top 1o tallest buildings in the world. This list is taken from Wikipedia. Out of these 10 tallest buildings, six are located in China. China Zun (Beijing – China) Tianjin CTF Finance Center ( Tianjin – China) Guangzhou CTF Finance Center (Guangzhou – China) One World Trade Center (New York – […]

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Top 10 world’s most amazing boundaries

There are so many countries who have the world’s most amazing boundaries, but some of such boundaries are top of the rank. here is the list… 10. INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA 9. NORTH KOREA AND SOUTH KOREA 8. INDIA AND NEPAL 7. PAKISTAN AND CHINA 6. SWEDEN AND NORWAY 5. FRANCE AND ITALY 4. ENGLAND AND […]

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Top 10 Famous Historical Places/Cities In the World

There are many historical cities in which people use to live but with time they vanished or destroyed with time. The people of that time created many historical points, buildings and cities at their time with great effort as there were limited resources at that time. You can visit these historical cities/places and see those […]

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Top 10 Best & Amazing Museums In The World

Undoubtedly, the museums are most popular tourist destinations in the world now. Now all the museums are best and amazing but today Top10Marvels is going to present the list of Top 10 best, unique, amazing and artistic museums in the world… 10. Tate Modern The public’s love affair with this phenomenally successful modern art gallery shows […]

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Top 10 Things Happened on 9/11

We know the reasons why September 11 is now a day of unhappiness, mourning and looking back at death and destruction after the events of September 11, 2001, it looks like we have permanently tarnished an entire day in the year. There are some important events happened on same day. Lets have a look… 10. […]

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Top 10 Wonderful Geological Facts

Our world is full of amazing, stunning and wonderful places  full of natural beauty. There are so many places which were hidden from human eyes from thousands of years but now people are exploring the world and find lot of  marvelous, unique,  beautiful and amazing places.  Top 10 Marvels is going to present a list of […]

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Top 10 Amazing Clocks in the World

Clock is the one of oldest invention of human but now it becomes an essential part of our life. There are different type of clocks in the world, water clock, candle clock, electric clock, digital clock etc. Its not only a useful device but its also becomes the symbol of city/location like Big Ben. Lets […]

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Top 10 Stanley Cup Playoff Interesting Moments

10. The Goal The 1970 Cup Final was an uneventful series, as the favoured Boston Bruins breezed past the St. Louis Blues in the first three games before completing the sweep in a more competitive game four. 9. The Fog and the Bat Game Not every hockey game is remembered for the hockey—game three of […]

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Top 10 Royal Weddings Across the World

The most talked about Royal Weddings of all time! 10. Prince William and Kate Middleton Although it might not have even taken place yet, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is one which will be watched by millions across the globe. 9. Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones Despite the scandal that surrounded this […]

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Top 10 Movies flops that are now considered classics

These movies may have bombed at the box office, but they’ve gone down in history as great films. 10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show This classic musical now has a dedicated fan base who dress up as the characters, attend sing-alongs and wear out their copies but when it was released, there was little interest. […]