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COVID-19: Top countries which are coming over from Coronavirus

Coronavirus has started from China and you won’t believe that now Chinese hospitals are empty which were overflowing a few weeks back because of COVID-19. The decreasing ratio of coronavirus patients in China has happened because of determined, alert and insistent policies of the Chinese Government. One of the utmost policies of the Chinese government […]


10 Preventions to Avoid COVID-19

As we all know that almost the whole world is suffering from Coronavirus. It was started in China and now most affected countries are Iran, Italy, and Spain. It is mainly spreading from person-to-person. Coronavirus spreads when an ill person sneezes or coughs through the respiratory system. Although it is not a cruel disease however […]

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Top 10 best thriller books of 2020

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Top 10 world’s most amazing boundaries

There are so many countries who have the world’s most amazing boundaries, but some of such boundaries are top of the rank. here is the list… 10. INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA 9. NORTH KOREA AND SOUTH KOREA 8. INDIA AND NEPAL 7. PAKISTAN AND CHINA 6. SWEDEN AND NORWAY 5. FRANCE AND ITALY 4. ENGLAND AND […]

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Top 10 world’s most amazing camera mans

There are so many camera mans who can take awesome pictures, but some of such camera mans are top of the rank. here is the list… 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

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Top 10 Amazing Tips to Groom Your Personality

With your personality your represent your behavior, traits, emotions and inner qualities. Its is very important that how you deal with people, what actions and reactions are you doing. Today Top10Marvels decided to share some tips regarding self grooming with you. Here is the list of Top 10 Amazing Tips to Groom Your Personality 1. […]

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Top 10 Hottest Athletes At Olympic Games 2012

Its a season of Olympic games 2012, everyone is talking about it and enjoying the Olympics alot. The build up to the 2012 Olympics provides an excellent hook to engage people all round the world. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games starts from 27 July and will remain till 12 August 2012, followed by the 2012 […]

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Top 10 Amazing Songs on Peace Day

On 21st September the Peace day is calling us to love and live with peace. Music or songs can also play an important role to motivate to spread it among our brothers and sisters especially within the walls of our home. We become emotional and can feel the importance of peace with beautiful peace day […]

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Top 10 Things Happened on 9/11

We know the reasons why September 11 is now a day of unhappiness, mourning and looking back at death and destruction after the events of September 11, 2001, it looks like we have permanently tarnished an entire day in the year. There are some important events happened on same day. Lets have a look… 10. […]

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Top 10 Miss Universe Strongest Contestants In 2011

Miss Universe competition is one of the most amazing and interesting contest full of beauty. Top 10 Marvels is presenting a list of top 10 Miss Universe strongest contestants in 2011. Given list is prepared by the latest ranking of which they just released. Their panel judges and beauty experts prepared the list on the […]