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Top 10 Universities of the World in 2013

This is the season of new admissions in universities, so we have done research and collected the list of world’s top 10 universities in the world. The Time Higher Education issued list of top 100 most powerful universities and we took top 10 of them. A spin-off of the annual World University Rankings, the reputation […]

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Top 10 Amazing & Fastest Trains/Rails in the World

Train journey is always a fun,  full of excitement and comfort. Rail or Train transport is very old and till to-date people consider it low-cost, reliable and fast option specially for long routes. With growing technology the engineers also did many inventions in trains and made the fastest trains in the world. Today top10marvels is […]

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Top 10 Best Tablet PCs

Things in electronics are really growing very rapidly having so much flexibility, and verity. New products with different functionality comes into market and attract the users. Big brands innovate new ideas to make effective versions of mobile telephony. User now have so many options for them to choose right product. A new innovation “Tablets PCs” […]

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Top 10 iPhone Games

10. Doodle Jump However sophisticated games may have become these days, sometimes it’s the simplest ones which are the best. Such as Doodle Jump, a cartoonish adventure in which a doodle scribbled on an exercise book has to jump up a series of platforms without falling. That’s it really. But it’s brilliant. We defy you […]

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Top 10 Laptop Brands In The World

Technology has brought in lot of changes. Today you have the laptop which you can carry wherever you go. The only problem is that with so many manufacturers of laptops buying one can be a bit confusing. However you can select one that meets your requirement. While buying a laptop, look for a brand that […]

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Top 10 Cool and Funny USBs

Have you ever bought such USB? No, So check these out these are some cool and funny USB/Memory Sticks, Traveling with data and data in such type of Sticks which really are not sticks So Find out yourself  USB is Memory Sticks or These? 10.  Fruity USBs 9.  Jeans USB 8.  Running Mouse USB 7.  […]

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Top 10 Amazing Photoshop Manipulation

Today Top10Marvels bring amazing photoshop manipulations. You will surely gonna love it. 10. Earth Face 9. No Way 8. Strange Bee 7. Pea Ball 6. Egg Pet 5. Zebra or What 4. Bald Eggs 3. Cut me off 2. Falling Words 1. Eaten Bulb

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Top 10 Digital Dresses

10. Flare LED dress The lightweight and energy-efficient credentials of LEDs have made designers think of countless application areas. Dutch Designer Stijn Ossevoort has come up with a dress dubbed Flare, which is embroidered with LEDs that are powered by wind energy. As the wearer walks down the street, the dress glows in different patterns. […]

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Top 10 Beautiful Cellphones

10. Hitachi W42H I would prefer a more glossy look, but the W32H from Hitachi is still a beautiful phone. Each phone comes with some snap-on accessories that can change the looks of it. The phone is available in black, white and orange and three different snap-on accessories. 9. Samsung SGH-E900 The Samsung SGH-E900 was […]