Coronavirus has started from China and you won’t believe that now Chinese hospitals are empty which were overflowing a few weeks back because of COVID-19. The decreasing ratio of coronavirus patients in China has happened because of determined, alert and insistent policies of the Chinese Government.

One of the utmost policies of the Chinese government is, they had done enormous lockdowns in the country and started a strict observation of public gatherings. Not only lockdowns, but the Chinese Government is also tracking their citizen through two apps of mobile phones, WeChat and Alipay so they can control the movement of people to prevent the coronavirus which can spread from person to person.

To maintain social distancing among people, the Chinese government has also canceled all the mega-events which include sports, cinemas and religious gatherings. Not only this, but they also closed all the educational institutions. People are restricted to not come out of homes.

At the start of February 2478 new cases of coronavirus were reported in China and now two weeks ago according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) report, it has declined to 409 new cases only. Moreover, China has reported two days back that they have reported only 206 new cases of coronavirus. Indeed, the determined and aggressive policies of China have admirable and finally, they have controlled COVID-19.

If we talk about some other countries, Australia is doing a fine job. They have completely banned all the entries in the country. If any flight is coming, they are taking them in isolation for 14 days then after the clearance, they can enter the country.

Turkey has closed its borders at the very right time because there were more chances of coronavirus to come from Iran. They have recorded their first case on March 10 who came from Europe trip.

After the 9464 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States of America, they have banned all the flights which are coming from Europe except the UK. To control the situation in the US, they are also planning to lock down some big cities.

Now if we talk about Italy, it is the second most affected country from COVID-19 after 35713 cases of coronavirus and total deaths are 2978. They have locked down the whole country. No one is allowed to go outside the homes. All educational institutions, public sectors, restaurants, cinemas are closed until the situation is controlled.

The same goes for Iran, on third with the highest cases of coronavirus which are 18407. Iran has closed all its borders and stopped all the religious gatherings to control the current situation.

Spain has also locked down the whole country for the safety of its population. Although 14769 cases of coronavirus have already recorded there.

Some of the other countries have also closed their educational institutions and banned all kinds of gatherings. Saudi Arabia has also banned the religious performance of Umrah to control the COVID-19.

At this moment, if we just check the recent report of the World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus is spreading at rapid speed and now reaches into 120+ countries it means almost a globe. Now the question is, these Chinese policies will work out in other countries or not?


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