COVID-19: Which Masks you can use to protect from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus emerged in late 2019 in China and now it has spread in the whole world rapidly which is now also known as COVID-19. This virus can transfer through the respiratory system from one person to another like sneezing and coughing. It can be dangerous for senior citizens and people with a weak immune system.
Now the question arises that how can we protect ourselves from Coronavirus? The basic safety precaution which we can follow is wearing a face mask whenever we go out. Masks cannot safe you 100% from Coronavirus but it can be effective at confining droplets.
Here are three fundamental types of masks available which can give you basic protection from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

N-95 respirator is a face fitted mask. It comes in circle or oval shape which tightly covers your face. Some have an exhalation valve which helps in breathing. It helps to filter out 95% of the small particles like viruses and bacteria. But it must have to fit on your face otherwise it cannot be protective for you.
It is the truth that N-95 is stuffy and uncomfortable that’s why it is difficult to wear for a longer period and a small seal can make it useless against the protection of Coronavirus. Now the supply of the N-95 mask is restricted because it can create a shortage for doctors and medical workers worldwide.

Surgical Masks:
Surgical masks are loosely fitted face masks that are disposable. It covers nose, mouth, and chin that protect you from large-particle droplets, spray, and splashes.
Surgical masks in different shapes but usually comes in flat and rectangular shape with elastic bands that looped behind your ears which don’t tightly cover your face and leakage of air is possible from the sides of surgical masks. It cannot protect against the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) because it doesn’t have a filter layer which cannot filter out the small particles of viruses and bacteria.
Surgical masks are disposable that’s why you cannot reuse it. Once it is dented or moist, discard it in a dustbin. Don’t touch your face while removing it and wash your hands properly after that. The use of sanitizer will be the plus point against the protection and safety of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Homemade Cloth/Cotton Masks:
As there is a shortage of N-95 and surgical masks after the pandemic of Coronavirus, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended people to use home-made cloth/cotton masks. These homemade masks obviously cannot work as N-95 but it may lower the risk of transmitting the respiratory droplets while coughing, sneezing and speaking.
People, who have a breathing problem and children with less than 2years shouldn’t use it. It can be effective in the public gathering where you can’t maintain 6 feet social distancing such as at pharmacies or grocery stores.
The best thing is you can make cloth masks easily at home with available resources. You can even make a mask of a cotton T-shirt. Furthermore, it is important to wash it every day. While removing the mask, don’t touch your mouth, eyes, and nose and immediately wash your hands.

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