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Top10 Weird Logos

10. ZIP The three letters of the Zip logo are blended together to form an almost solid shape. The centre graphic which represents the real life object also holds together the logo by breaking up the block allowing the letter I to be seen as well as allowing the Z and P to become legible. […]

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10 Middle Finger Sights in the World

In this list you will see amazing pictures of middle finger sightings. 10. Beautiful Building Finger 9. Spring Fingers Winter 8. Amazing Hill Finger 7. Long Middle Finger of Tree 6. Tree with Finger 5. Marvelous Water Finger 4. Gorilla’s Finger 3. Cactus Middle Finger 2. Buddha Finger 1. Finger by Bill Gates

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Top10 Poisonous Animals

It is really hard to tell which animal is the most poisonous in the world. The one that has the most toxic chemicals? The one that kills the biggest amount of people a year? Or maybe the one with the biggest amount of poison? 1. Box Jellyfish The top prize for “The World Most Venomous […]