We all love birds and nature, beautiful, stylish and cool birdhouses can beautify our garden/home. Today top10marvels selected the list of top 10 amazing, stylish and unique birdhouses. Have a look please…
The bird house has been designed with change-able entrance holes in four different sizes to match different sized birds.
Ceramic Cupcake Birdhouse is for the sweet birds. The cup topped with mounds of vanilla chocolate and strawberry looks so yummy.
This type of classic and stylish bird house not just provide a safe shelter to birds but also makes your garden look beautiful. It looks like royal house of birds.
If you have an apartment and want to enjoy the nature, then this birdhouse is perfect for you. This theme designed by young French designer Emilie Cazin joined the balcony to the green environment.
You can make this kind of birdhouse in your home, just take a paint gallon, paint it in any color which you like and attach some funny shapes, make an hole and use its lid for cleaning.
A birdhouse based on Mussolini’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in King’s Wood, Kent, England.
Want to buy a gift for a bird lover? This is perfect for you, specially for kids.
An unusual birdhouse which looks like CCTV camera.
This beautiful ceramic birdhouse was designed by Italian talented guy Alberto Caramello. A beautiful nest which can enhance the beauty of your garden.
The design of this birdhouse is similar to the log cabin that Abe Lincoln was born and raised in. This type of cabin was constructed of hand hewn logs, a modern departure from the round log construction of the early settlers in America.

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