Christmas is coming again, thats the time of happiness, holidays, enjoyment and love. Thats a special time which force people to go into shops and do shopping for them and their love ones. There are so much Christmas gift at shops that can make some one confuse. That is why to help you we are here with top 10 best Christmas gift ideas for 2011. Here we go…

10. Some cloth, Jewelry, shoes or Wallet/bag

If you are looking for gift for any girl then beautiful dress can be a good option. Or jewelry is the weakness of any lady. You can select some nice and decent jewelry according to Christmas theme, for boys you can give some branded shoes or some kind of clothes. As you know, In December the temperature goes so down so you can give some leather jacket etc. Any kind of stylish wallet or hand bag can also be good option.

9. Buy an Experience

There are so many experiences you can buy for your friend or family,  from racing days at your local track to hot air balloon rides and scuba diving sessions. If they’re not an adrenalin junkie then get them tickets to the theater with dinner and a signed copy of the program, or a relaxing treating at a spa day. Maybe a tour of a vineyard or a distillery if they like to sample a tipple every now and again.

8. Cash Money

You can give them cash packed in a beautiful envalop. Now a days, the financial climate is not good, so they can invest that money somewhere or can buy something according to their needs.

7. A Photo Book

Making a photo book for someone is a great way of creating a unique, inexpensive gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. You could create a look back over your friendship, include photos from all the events/activities you’ve done together or trips you’ve enjoyed. Make a book for your friends and family to share all the special memories you’ve created together over the years and present them. They will definitely love it.

6. Luxury Perfume

If those are the person who do not like to spend money on them selves then you can give something luxury like any kind of luxury perfume.

5. Chocolates/Sweets

Chocolates or sweets are sign of happiness. You can go with any exclusive chocolate or some kind of well presented sweets.

4. Holidays

A trip away is always a wonderful gift to receive, and doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Book a weekend in a city you’ve never been too and include a choice of restaurants and sight seeing opportunities.

3. Stylish iPhone or iPad

If that person does not own any phone or he/she need some thing like ipad then that can be a best gift for him.

2. Food Hampers

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen (or even if you’re not), making a friend or family member a food hamper for Christmas is a great way to celebrate the festive season. Biscuits, chocolates and fudge are easy and cheap to make, and look great all packaged together in a basket or box. Items like jam, preserves, chutneys or even your own alcohol like blackberry wine can be made ahead of time, meaning you get to enjoy a relaxing run up to Christmas. Take a look at some food magazines and websites for inspiration, whip up some goodies and dress them up with some ribbons and cellophane to make them look extra fancy.

1. Make Something Original with your hands

It doesn’t matter what it is, if you had excel in craft skill like crochet, knitting or you’re handy with a camera – whatever it is that you’re good at (and everybody is good at something) use it to your advantage and create something different, stylish and unique. You can make some card, some decoration peace, or can paint any cup or glass. People love to receive something that shows the person giving has spent time thinking about what they’d want.

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