Airports are natural hubs of humanity. They are always busy, at any given moment thousands of people are coming or going and there are innumerable people who work at airports taking care of the infrastructure and the smooth running of the place. But there are some airports which even in these hubs of activity stand head and shoulders above the others due to the large number of people who use them.

These are the ten busiest airports in the world – in no particular order – (some due to the large number of travellers, others due to the large number of international destinations served):

10. Tokyo International Airport, (Haneda) Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo International Airport, (Haneda) Tokyo, Japan

This airport is a major connecting point between Asia and America. Once a dedicated International airport was opened here in 2010 and the forth runaway was made operational it became the fourth busiest airport in the world, and it is now capable of handling over 90 million passengers in a year.

9. Singapore Changi Airport:

Singapore Changi Airport

As of 2010 this airport serves 96 airlines flying to over 200 destinations worldwide to 60 countries. The largest foreign airline to operate from this airport is Qantas with about 2 million passengers each year. Since it opened in 1981, the airport has won over 200 awards for their excellence in customer service.

8. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, China:

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, China

This airport is recognised as probably the best airport in Asia/Pacific and also as one of the most efficient airports in the world. It is renowned for its customer service and it’s high quality of maintenance.

7. Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France:

Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

Also known as Roissy Airport, it is Europe’s second biggest hub. It is the aviation centre for Air France, It consists of three terminals and presently there is construction going on for two major terminal extensions, to cope with the ever growing number of flights and passengers. In 2010 it handled over 57 million passengers.

6. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas:

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas

Located in Central United States, this airport is a transitions point for many domestic travellers. Also, because it is the hub for American Airlines, they operate almost 85% of the flights from here. Cargo traffic is responsible for a lot of the revenue for this airport.

5. Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, Netherlands:

Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, Netherlands

This is Netherlands major airport and is the primary hub for KLM. It has a large shopping plaza, which can also be used by non-travellers since it is located just before customs. It was opened in 1916 as a military airbase, and today it is Europe’s 3rd largest airport.

4. Dubai International Airport, Dubai:

Dubai International Airport, Dubai

Dubai is the largest city of UAE and it’s airport is a major aviation hub of the Middle East. There are over 6000 weekly flights to over 220 destinations throughout the world. Their Terminal 3 is the single largest building in the world by floor space.

3. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia

For over 10 years this airport has been rated as the busiest in the world due to its central position and due to the fact that it handles a large number of passengers travelling to the Caribbean, Eastern United States, and South America. It serves over 88 million passengers in a year, and most of them are domestic passengers.

2. Frankfurt International Airport – Frankfurt, Germany:

Frankfurt International Airport – Frankfurt, Germany

In cargo traffic this is the busiest airport in Europe, and in passenger traffic it is the third busiest. It was built by the Nazis in 1936, and after many renovations and improvements it today stands as a symbol of German technology and efficiency.

1. London Heathrow Airport – London, United Kingdom:

London Heathrow Airport – London, United Kingdom

Heathrow, London’s main airport is the entry point to many places in Europe. It is the biggest in the United Kingdom and it handles the most international passengers in the world. It is the major hub of British Airways, one of the world’s largest airlines and it also has the world’s busiest airspace.

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