Today is going to share some very interesting facts with you that you might not know about Kate Middleton and Prince William…

Here are some of the facts about Kate Middleton and Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton

01. The couple informed Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales just before 2 hours of the engagement.

02. Will you ask for something after getting that, i am sure No… But Prince William asked Kate’s father, Michael Middleton, after he has proposed to her.

03. The star sign of Prince William is Cancer and Kate Middleton is Capricorn, which according to astrologers are antagonistic to each other.

04.T he Nick name of Kate is “Babykins” and Prince William’s nick is “Big Willie” for William. Just imagine Big Willie weds Babykins. Sounds funny and cute.

05. The Bodyrockers band has released the couple’s favorite song.

06. You will surprise to know that Prince Williams claimed to impress Kate by his cooking? The best part is that Kate had to come to the rescue of Prince’s cooking attempts every time he tried to impress her.

07. The couple had their first public kiss on a skiing holiday in Kolsters in the month of January 2006. God knows if Valentine day is in danger or not. 😉

08. St Andrews is popular in respect of its academic excellence,  and Now Kate is First Queen of British Monarch with a degree from this university.

09. Prince William flew 12,000 feet  to propose the lovely Kate Middleton. The location was next to a remote lake on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Isn’t is amazing?

10. The island of Anglesey is going to get the honor for royal couple for a whole one year. It surely be really stunning and amazing.

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