A fish is any gill-bearing aquatic vertebrate animal that lacks limbs with digits. Fish have a million varieties and colors, various shapes and sizes.

10. Clownfish

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Clownfish spend their time playing and foraging in the tentacles of the anemone, he did mutualism symbiosis with anemones. It requires a lot of food that the body found in sea anemones. Anemones also require clownfish services to cleanse her body. His body was dominated by the color orange and white striped. This fish is famous for its used as a main actor in the movie “Finding Nemo”. Because it has beautiful colors make it the most wanted fish in the world.

9. Discus

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Discus is a fish that originated from the Amazon basin. Discus are freshwater fish that has been widely cultivated in several Asian countries, is highly adaptable fish in the aquarium. he is generally flat with white chocolate stripes. He is a highly sought fish in Asia and Europe.

8. Moorish Idol

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The Moorish Idol is a small fish species that live in the sea south to the Gulf of Peru. He is often called Zanclus cornutus. He lived in a subtropical coral reefs and lagoons. This fish lives in the vast Indo-Pacific waters. Moorish Idol earned the nickname of the Moors in Africa. This fish is hunted in Africa to be a pet fish in aquariums.

7. Flame Angelfish

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Flame Angelfish has a close relationship with the Coral Beauty Fish, Coral Beauty in nature is similar to but not seteguh coral fish. He easily adapted to the surrounding reefs. Flame Angelfish is more popular than fish like that is included in group Angelfish Centropyge. This fish has a very bright color of the body so that the interested aquarist to collect the Flame Angelfish.

6. African Cichlids

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African Cichlids are fish that live in three large lakes in Africa, Malawi, Victoria and Tanganyika. This fish has a flat shape with adult sizes 6-14, he has a sharp thorn and beautiful fins under the belly. Because it has beautiful colors make it the most popular fish in the world.

5. Yellow Tang

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Yellow Tang fish that are part of the family Acanthuridae included in a very popular aquarium fish. In a normal size as adults can reach sizes of Yellow Tang 7.9 Inches. They have sharp pointy thorns to repel the enemy. They are very popular between marine aquarists because it is active, not aggressive and strong.

4. Paracanthurus Hepatu

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Paracanthurus hepatus are fish that are sought after by fans of ornamental fish aquarium, behavior that is funny, and beautiful color makes it very popular among hobbyist marine aquaria. He is also often called the Regal tang, royal blue tang and a hippo is also popular with pliers. Paracanthurus hepatus have a light blue body, yellow tail with black color variation.

3. Parrotfish

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Parrotfish are a beautiful and unique fish, the mouth is crooked makes it called “parrot fish”. He is a sub family Scarinae. Parrotfish mostly found in shallow sea in tropical and subtropical regions spread across the Indo-Pacific. The color is beautiful makes it popular with ornamental fish collectors.

2. Lion Fish

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Lion Fish is a very beautiful fish, he has another name Pteroins. Lion Fish has a lot of long fins and stripes all over his body. No scientist knows why this has a lot of fin fish. These fins make it seem like an angry lion, fish is very beautiful but also poisonous, it back body can produce toxins that can kill the enemy.

1. Mandarinfish

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Mandarinfish are close relatives dragonet, it has a small and brightly colored bodies. He is very popular in the saltwater aquarium fish trade. These fish live in the waters of the Pacific from Australia to the Ryukyu Islands. This fish was first discovered in 1927 by Albert William Herre a fish expert from the United States.

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