Top 10 online Eid gifts ideas in this Covid-19 lockdown situation

Eid is the festival for which, Muslims around the globe, wait a whole year to celebrate and cherish this day together by sharing happiness, love, and lots of gifts. Selecting the correct gift for Ramzan and Eid is very important. But this year, Muslims will celebrate Eid very decently by following all the precaution of COVID-19 and that’s the reason some of us are unable to buy eid gifts personally. To maintain the love between you and your loved ones, Top10marvels is presenting the top10 best online Eid gift ideas for you to consider.

10. Online Eid Cards: Sharing Eid Cards with each other is one of the oldest yet so precious ways to express your love to the love ones. Here you can make or pick any online Eid Card from multiple websites such as Smile box, Hallmark, Punchbowl, Blue Mountains and so many others.

9.  Collage of Pictures: No Matter what happened, some memories can never be replaced. Share the old pictures of you with them in a collage to remind them that it doesn’t matter if they are not close to you because they are close to your heart. 

8. Master Class Subscription: Because of Coronavirus, many people are doing work from home which is already saving their time. Let’s benefit them by gifting the subscription of online classes according to their interest, it could be cooking class, a make-up class, Adobe Photoshop, or any other short course. they will get skills and you will get their love.

7. Musical Video: As we all know that Music can change a mood. Many of us, already feeling sad that we cannot fully celebrate this Eid because of coronavirus. Here is a solution, make a music video with their favorite songs and pictures which can cut this distance and make their mood happy. 



6. Phone’s Credit or Internet Package: In Covid-19, if you cannot meet with them in person, meet them virtually. On this Eid, greet together virtually by sharing the various Internet package.

5.  Subscription of Online Gym: No compromise over fitness! By maintaining social distancing to avoid coronavirus, you can take care of your loved ones by gifting them the subscription of an online gym on Eid so they can stay safe and stay fit. 

4.  A Makeup Shopping Voucher: How can we ignore the makeup especially on Eid. just open your laptop now and surprise your best friend, sister, or wife with the makeup voucher-code so they can easily shop from home in COVID-19. 

3.  Subscription of Islamic Website and EBooks: To share the blessing of Eid, you can share the subscription of Islamic websites or apps through which your loved ones can listen Online Qur’an with translation, kids can participate in different online Islamic-quizzes which can increase their Islamic knowledge. 

2. Transfer the Eidi through Online Banking: Many banks are already serving different discounts on this special religious occasion for the Muslims around the globe. Share the Eidi with your loved ones through easy online banking. 

1. Eid Gifts Basket: Eid is incomplete without sweets. so You can send Eid basket filled with chocolates or sweets. You can send these gift basket through different online platforms like Lastminutefavour which is sending beautiful eid gifts basket on your behalf as per your requirements and with full care and following all the sops. 

If you stay at home, they will remain safe. Maintain social distancing to avoid Coronavirus. Let’s celebrate this Eid virtually. And yes! Don’t forget to join them on video calls while sending the gift.

I hope you like these Online Eid gift ideas. If yes, please give it a thumbs up and you can share your online Eid gifts ideas by comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to keep updated with the coming videos. Thank you for watching us!


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