Mandy Moore

10. Mandy Moore

Her acting is, arguably, better than her singing, although she hasn’t starred in many films of note; sticking, rather, to teen movies. However, her performance in ‘Saved’ was excellent.

Olivia Newton - John

9. Olivia Newton – John

Who could forget her iconic performance as Sandy in Grease? She really put her singing talents to great use in the 50’s musical.

Bette Midler

8. Bette Midler

Bette is a legend of stage and screen. She is a wonderful singer who also impresses with her acting skills. She is at her best when she does comedy, with ‘Restless People’ being her best movie.

Lena Horne

7. Lena Horne

This four time Grammy winner didn’t let racism hold her back. She was as at home on-screen as she was singing on stage. A class act.

Beyonce Knowles

6. Beyonce Knowles

She did comedy well in ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’ but she also proved she could be a serious actress with her role in ‘Dreamgirls’, which although it was a disappointing movie, showed her unmistakable talent.

Queen Latifah

5. Queen Latifah

The Hip-Hop legend has carved out a nice little movie niche, starring in comedies for the most part. Her best performance to date was probably in ‘Hairspray’.

Courtney Love

4. Courtney Love

She had a brief role in ‘Sid and Nancy’ back in the 80’s but then went on to be a full on rock star with band Hole. However, she wowed critics with her 1996 performance in ‘The People vs Larry Flynt’.

Mariah Carey

3. Mariah Carey

Mariah should probably stick to music. It’s not that she’s a bad actress, but she does have the habit of appearing in lacklustre or downright awful movies, ahem ‘Glitter’.


2. Madonna

She’s been in some stinkers in her time, but she’s also pulled off some great performances, such as her wonderful portrayal of Eva Perone in ‘Evita’.


1. Cher

Cher is probably the most successful singer turned actress, as she has gave some pretty spectacular performances; ‘Mask’ and ‘Moonstruck’ being her greatest hits.

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