Air balloons always look awesome in the air. Now a days there are so many creative, funny, amazing and beautiful air balloons on different occasions. Top 10 marvels is going to present the list of top 10 wonderful hot air balloons…

Hot Air Balloon
The Shrek balloon makes its way through Times Square during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day

Parade in New York Nov. 27, 2008

Hot Air Balloon
A funny green monster hot-air balloon
Hot Air Balloon
A giant cake during the hot-air balloon festival in Chambley, France.
Hot Air Balloon
Hot air balloon, size and shape resemble to Space Shuttle
Top 10 lists - Hot Air Balloon
A Mike Wazowski hot-air balloon from Monsters

Amazing Hot Air Balloon
A Rugrats Balloon during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York
Wonderful Hot Air Balloon
Arthur Balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, in New York
Crazy Hot Air Balloon
Benoit Lambert — member of the Belgian 501st Legion Fan Wars Garrison — takes over

the skies in his amazing Darth Vader hot air balloon

Beautiful Hot Air Balloon
First battery powered hot-air balloons? In this case we hope they don’t run out of batteries.
Awesome Hot Air Balloon
Amazing Nescafe mug hot air Balloon

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