The Guinness world records are the most thrilling, exiting, best, craziest and toughest competition in which different people take part and the selection is based on very distinct way, something very unique and not similar to any other person. Any one can come in this list, either a kid, animal, group, family, building or anything else. Today Top 10 Marvels selected the list of top 10 world records of Guinness book in 2011-2012.

10. Fastest Wedding Chapels in the World

Mr, Reverent Darrell has converted his fire truck into a wedding chapel that could drive up to 62mph.


9. Largest Natural Afro

You will be surprise to know that Aevin Dugas has grown her afro for 12 years. It measured 4 feet 4 inches and its not fake but a natural afro.


8. World Oldest Swimmer

Roger Allsopp swam in the English Channel from Dover, England to Northern France, and it took  almost 18 hours to complete this swimming challenge.


7. Consistent Number 1 Album for 11 Weeks

Adela from UK had proved it for 11 consecutive weeks and had her two albums included on the top five lists at the same time.


6. A Lady Holds the Highest Number of Followers on Twitter

Lady Gaga not only famous for his unique fashions styles but also for holding the highest number of followers on Twitter. She also lies on no. 1 position to have most searches on web.


5. 13 Dogs Played Skip Rope

Training a puppy or any other animal is such a difficult, challenging and need so much practice. Hence, with the 13 dogs that have skipped the rope simultaneously was such a remarkable mark done by the training given by the Uchida Geinousha’s Super Wan Wan Circus, which is popular in Japan.


4. Most Popular TV Program

A medical drama drama has achieved different ratings. Imagine 66 countries were watching the show where it got 81.8 million viewers.


3. Largest Collection of Daleks

Rob Hull has collected 571 models of Daleks where part of his collection is the 6feet size-replica model. He is collecting those from past 20 years.


2. Longest Fingernails

Chris Walton did not cut her nails for the past 18 years, she was able to maintain them as clean as possible. She lives in Las Vegas as a popular singer.


1. Longest Tongue in the World

Stephen Taylor’s record has been broken when a Californian student named Channel Tapper grabbed the title of owning a 3.8-inch tongue, which is equivalent to 9.75 centimeters.

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