The WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) is world’s most famous professional wrestling organization. According to it, the ultimate super star having great wresting skills rock the ring. WWE have huge fan following and more than 600 apx. employees are working for it. The CEO Vince McMahon works a lot to promote WWE. Have a look below for top 10 wrestlers of WWE in 2011.

10. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph won the World Heavyweight Championship and also made his place at Wrestlemania.

9. Sheamus


Irish born Sheamus won the WWE champion second time, and showed wonderful performance in 2011 so far.

8. CM Punk

CM Punk

PunkĀ  successfully took over the leadership of the powerful Nexus and showed great performance in Royal Rumble match and Elimination Chamber, and taking on the WWE Viper Randy Orton.

7. John Morrison

John Morrison

Because of his amazing flying moves he is considered to be a spot light in WWE. He is most gifted athlete in WWE. He showed great skills in Royal Rumble, fought in the cage of Elimination Chamber like a Spider Man and booked his place at Wrestlemania with his spinning actions.

6. John Cena

John Cena

He made his way to the main event at Wrestlemania after he outlasted five man in the steel of Elimination Chamber.

5. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett

He was the winner of the NXT season 1, the founder of the NEXUS and the leader of the CORRE. Wade Barrett got success this year by winning the Intercontinental title and taking on the world’s largest athlete “The Big Show”.

4. Randy Orton

Randy Orton

Undoubtedly the Randy Orton is the most dangerous competitor present in the WWE. He, with his 8 packs has taken out all the member of Nexus single handily and leveled CM punk with a thunderous RKO at the big stage , Wrestlemania.

3. The Miz

The Miz

He successfully defended the WWE championship against dangerous Randy Orton at Royal Rumble and against John Cena at Wrestlemania.

2. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio

He made his debut in the mid 2010, with his excellent athleticism skills he made himself a prime contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. In 2011 he marked great success by winning the biggest Royal Rumble match in the history and main evented Wrestlemania.

1. Edge


Edge is one of the best, strong, manipulator and superstar has won the World Champion 11th time, He is most successful wrestler of 2011 so far. because he won world title at Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and most importantly on the grandest stage , The Wrestlemania.

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