1. Your baby have strong sense of smell and he use it to recognize you in his/her early weeks so avoid strong perfumes.

2. A new born baby has around 300 bones, later on many of those fuse and  206 left in adult.

3. Researcher said that a woman who wish a baby boy should sleep/lie on her right side and for baby girl she should sleep on left.

4. One in 2,000 babies is born with teeth.

5. It is estimated that if a baby continued to grow at the rate he does in his first year, by the time he reached adulthood, he would be as tall as Nelson’s Column in London.

6. The Newborn babies have tunnel-vision, they are very nearsighted they can just see people and objects at 8 to 12 inches distance.

7. The brain become double in first year of baby.

8. Some Superstitious women avoid eating strawberries during their pregnancies as they have fear that their baby could have strawberry birthmarks.

9. The word ‘infant’ comes from the Latin word ‘infans’ and meaning of it is ‘unable to speak’.

10. Researchers have discovered that six month old babies can distinguish between individual humans and individual monkeys. But surprisingly by the age of nine while babies could still tell the difference between human faces, they can’t tell one monkey from another.

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